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About Us

For more than 30 years, Hanson Dodge Creative has connected active lifestyle brands to the people who love them, delivering meaningful experiences that ultimately lead to brand sustainability. We understand the way brands engage with their audiences. And when they do it well, they help to deliver more than mere enthusiasts, but passionate Brand Champions who are willing to share their affinity to influence everyone they know.

As a Digital Agency?

From branding, program design and website development, to technology implementation and program management, we create custom strategies that build relationships with your customers over time.

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As a Branding Agency?

We work for some of the best brands in the world, brands that have the power to connect emotionally to their audiences and compete in a global marketplace. Our strategies do exactly that.

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As a Technology Partner?

Since your website is mission critical, our team of programmers, developers and technical architects are dedicated to building a far more advanced online experience for your brand.

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As an Employer?

We believe a creative mind is rarely sedentary. So we move. We crank, we laugh. We foster an active, creative atmosphere where we can work hard and play hard all under the same roof.

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As a Marketing Agency?

We establish the best mix for each and every business objective — communicating unique value to the right customers, at the right time with comprehensive integrated programs.