Digital Commerce: From Shopping Cart to Integrated Customer Experience

In August of 2014 in Salt Lake City, Hanson Dodge Creative was a featured speaker at Outdoor University, part of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. The session, “Digital Commerce: Internet Strategies to Fuel Sales Growth for Manufacturers and Retailers,” was attended by a roomful of manufacturer brands and retailers. The session explored how digital commerce can capture and engage online consumers to not only increase online sales by manufacturers but also drive traffic to retailers to support local sales.

Over 80 percent of consumers research products online before buying; however, the majority of products are still purchased at a retail location. HDC’s presentation focused on a fundamental shift in thinking from e-commerce to digital commerce.

Digital Commerce

What’s the difference?

To put it simply, e-commerce in a traditional online setting can be summed up by one little icon—the shopping cart. When a consumer adds a product to an online shopping cart and checks out, that is e-commerce.

Unlike e-commerce, which traditionally has been run out of IT and focused on operational efficiency, digital commerce is rooted in the customer experience and largely a function of marketing. Digital commerce capitalizes on the modern consumer’s shopping habits and paths to purchase, engaging them where they spend the most time – online, on social media and on their mobile devices – and giving them the resources they need to be confident in their purchases – product comparisons, personalized content, videos and reviews to name a few.

To gain a deeper understanding of an integrated digital commerce landscape, download the slide deck from Outdoor University below.

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