White Paper: Today's Runner & the AHAS Runner

By , Creative Director, Hanson Dodge

*A research report conducted by Hanson Dodge Creative + ACTIVE Network By Joe Ciccarelli, Senior Brand Planner, Hanson Dodge Creative

AHAS: A moment of unique insight

Now more than ever, consumers care — about eating the right foods, monitoring their health and the health of their families and stewarding the environment. And the brands that are helping them do all of this — and more — are the ones winning the constant battle for consumer mindshare.

This white paper is the third in a series of AHAS™-focused, research-based Active Insights.

(For more background on the AHAS consumer, visit and to read the first two installments of our research.)

White Paper Todays Runner and AHAS Runner Cover

In prior reports of the AHAS™ series, we shared insights and defining research on the unique consumer segment known as the AHAS™ (active, healthy and sustainable). These consumers are characterized by their unwavering commitment to more than just living an active lifestyle; they are defined by their deep interest and engagement in three areas, which include physical activity (working out 5x per week), health (practicing several health-conscious behaviors beyond exercise) and sustainable/social causes (e.g., recycling, buying eco-friendly cleaning supplies, etc.).

This installment focuses specifically on Running, the most popular active pursuit in America, and the AHAS Runner. We look at how runners today think about, decide on and buy products, and how the runners who fall into the AHAS category (i.e., also committed to healthy and sustainable practices) differ from their fellow runners.

According to one set of answers from our survey, no single brand stands out in the minds of the consumers when it comes to supporting environmental, health and social causes. The opportunity to become the running brand that appeals to the AHAS consumer — one who spends more and cares more — is still clearly up for grabs.

It’s insight like this, and the ones you’ll find in our report, that shed new light on how brands can connect with runners and AHAS consumers in unique and profitable ways.

Joe Ciccarelli, Creative Director, Hanson Dodge

A brand strategist turned creative director, Joe Ciccarelli blends his background in understanding people, culture and trends with an ability to get the most meaningful ideas used in the most creative ways. Otherwise, he’s a writer, storyteller, avid reader (of both treasure and trash), a musician, a learner and a teacher. Holding degrees in Communication and Sociology as well as Master’s degree from Marquette University, Joe also serves as an adjunct professor in the school’s Advertising Department.

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