White Paper Series: The Active, Healthy and Sustainable Consumer

Now more than ever, consumers care — about eating the right foods, monitoring their health and the health of their families and stewarding the environment. And the brands that are helping them do all of this — and more — are the ones winning the constant battle for consumer mindshare.

Hanson Dodge Creative (HDC) first introduced the active, healthy and sustainable (AHAS™) concept in 2013 as a way to bring together three consumer groups with related behaviors that have major implications for brands. Prior to 2013, these consumer categories were traditionally identified, studied and marketed to as autonomous groups, each having its own independent set of values, habits and behaviors.

Active. Healthy. Green.

With the introduction of AHAS, HDC shifted that focus from working to understand each group as a unique segment to uncovering the inherent links among all three and investigating the notion that, in many cases, it is the same consumer.

Hanson Dodge Creative has partnered with ACTIVE Network™ to conduct an in-depth primary research study to provide insights on how brands can connect with active, healthy and sustainable (AHAS) consumers — a segment that spends more and cares more — in unique and profitable ways. Following are links to the first five white papers in the research series:

The AHAS: A Healthy Demographic, Vol. 1

AHAS 1: A Healthy Demographic

The first white paper in the series introduces the active, healthy and sustainable (AHAS) consumer and provides a detailed overview of the profitable and growing consumer segment. Learn what motivates AHAS consumers, how to gain their loyalty and why they are so valuable

The AHAS: A Healthy Demographic, Vol. 2

AHAS 2: A Healthy Demographic

See the preliminary results from Hanson Dodge Creative's primary research study, conducted in partnership with ACTIVE™ Network. Insights include what factors most influence the purchase decision for AHAS consumers.

Today's Runner & the AHAS Runner

AHAS 3: Today's Runner

This white paper focuses specifically on running, the most popular active pursuit in America, and the AHAS Runner. Our report takes a look at 1) how runners today think about, decide on and buy products and 2) how the runners who fall into the AHAS category (i.e., also committed to healthy and sustainable practices) differ from their fellow runner.

Running Brands & Consumer Preference

AHAS 4 Running Brands

The fourth white paper in the series focuses specifically on how runners think about brands in the space and how differences in runners’ ages, running styles and values play a role in the brands they choose. Many of the key insights in this report can be applied to the active lifestyle industry as a whole.

The AHAS: Insights on a Highly Profitable Demographic, Vol. 5

AHAS 5: A highly profitable demographic

The fifth white paper in the AHAS series shares a broader perspective of the consumer, including key demographic and psychographic variables, spending and online shopping attitudes, brand preferences outside of the active lifestyle space and purchase behaviors. Chief among the insights in this white paper is the finding that when a consumer cares about all three AHAS factors — Active, Healthy and Sustainable lifestyles — they are far more valuable than those who are care about just one or two.

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