Sitecore Not-for-Profit Site of the Year: The Story of EAA

May 26, 2015

Sitecore Experience Award: Best Not-for-Profit Site in North America

Sitecore®, the global leader in customer experience management, has named Hanson Dodge Creative (HDC) and the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) winners of the 2014 Sitecore Experience Award for Best Not-for-Profit Site in North America.

HDC, which was recently named a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner, has been a Sitecore partner since 2008 and is one of 11 partners to win a 2014 North America Sitecore Experience Award. This year’s award is HDC’s third Sitecore Site of the Year (North America) Category Award.

The Story of EAA: Unifying a Global Nonprofit


When it comes to things that fly and the people who love them, there’s no better source of information than the Experimental Aircraft Association. With more than 20 million web page views annually, and more than half a million attendees at its annual airshow, EAA stands alone as the premier organization for aviation enthusiasts.

With a growing membership of 180,000 and an online audience of more than 1.5 million, the future of EAA appeared to be limitless—except for one major malfunction. Fans and members had to go to 27 different websites to get the full EAA experience.

With the next AirVenture show looming, time was of the essence.


Hanson Dodge Creative quickly consolidated EAA’s 27 disparate websites into one global hub for aviation information. With an emphasis on improving the user experience and increasing membership numbers, HDC aligned more than 5,500 pages of content and integrated Active Commerce, the only Sitecore-native e-commerce platform, to capture membership and memorabilia sales. The new site offers a tailored user experience for every level of aviation enthusiast, from youngster to military veteran.

The next step was to create a new mobile event app to enhance the AirVenture experience for attendees. HDC developed a fully native app with a searchable grounds map that functioned without the need for cellular data. With a streamlined and integrated digital solution in place, EAA could now publish content to the website and app simultaneously.

RESULTS experienced a 56 percent increase in users, a 193 percent increase in page views, a 71 percent increase in session duration and a 28 percent increase in page views.

The new app received a 47 percent increase in downloads and app usage during the event more than doubled.

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