Choosing the Right Digital Platform for Quantum Sails

Quantum Sails

Quantum Sails, the second largest sail manufacturer in the world, partnered with Hanson Dodge Creative (HDC) to relaunch its brand with a strong global and consumer focus, including launching a new global website. Quantum is a lifestyle brand that speaks to a sailor’s sense of adventure and pure love for the challenge of conquering whatever Mother Nature throws at him or her on the open water.

The opportunity was ripe for an integrated strategy, including e-commerce, loft (dealer) support and delivering highly relevant content to audiences far beyond basic product specs and details. Delivering educational content in a variety of formats and creating a sense of community through an Ask The Expert feature were two areas that aligned the brand and digital strategy, and differentiated Quantum from product-feature-focused competitors.

To take advantage of the opportunity, HDC was tasked with selecting a digital platform that could meet the brand experience needs and perform e-commerce. The software marketplace has many e-commerce platforms; however most lack true content management functionality and many require bolt-on modules for additional functionality.

In addition to creating an incredible brand experience, HDC desired to minimize multiple risky integration points, total cost of ownership and the management of multiple systems, such as separate e-commerce and content management platforms. A seamless, easy experience was crucial for both internal and external customers. In addition to an incredible experience, the platform requirements included a long list, from managing a responsive e-commerce experience, multiple currencies, international shipping and complex account profile functionality, to wysiwyg editing functionality, language translation capabilities and workflow management, to open and flexible APIs that would allow integrations into Quantum’s custom-developed ERP system.

After reviewing multiple platforms, HDC recommended the Kentico all-in-one CMS, e-commerce and online marketing platform. Kentico thrives in the mid-market enterprise space, where e-commerce plays a key role and the content admin needs demand an intuitive user experience and extensive flexibility.

Since the Quantum site launched in April of 2016, web traffic has increased 146 percent while mobile traffic has increased nearly 300 percent (as of the time that this article has been authored). Quantum is now performing e-commerce and delivering a memorable customer experience that matches the passion, emotion and performance of the brand.

View the full Quantum Sails case study here.

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