Common Website Replatforming Missteps: Personalization

By , Senior Digital Strategist, Hanson Dodge

Personalization remains a primary reason why companies invest in new CMS technologies. That’s because functionality that personalizes the customer experience can increase revenue, improve engagement and enhance user satisfaction.

At the same time, personalization also happens to be at the root of some of the most common mistakes organizations make when replatforming to a new CMS. In fact, we see the same missteps in companies large and small, and across a host of industries.

We frequently talk with companies who have made significant investments in CMS technology based on the promise of personalization, only to realize post-implementation that they neglected to develop a vision and strategy for exactly how they would deploy these new features. As you’d expect, the lack of a clear plan meant that the resources it takes to develop and deploy an effective personalization strategy were never allocated—making significant traction all but impossible.

| The resources it takes to deploy an effective personalization strategy were never allocated. |

Ironically, the opposite situation can be as big a problem. That is, companies allocate sufficient resources, but allow their ambitions for personalization to outpace their ability to execute. In their quest to prove how impactful personalization can be, they try to take it too far, too fast, and lose credibility in the organization when the results don’t match the hype.

Seasoned digital leaders know that any replatforming project—while often necessary and beneficial—is a monumental effort. It follows, then, that launching multiple personalization programs in parallel can jeopardize the success of each program and drain resources needed for business-critical work in other parts of the business.

So how can you and your organization get started with personalization in a way that notches some early victories and builds a foundation for more robust efforts?

We’ve helped clients answer this very question, and shared a few strategies for success

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Ethan Koehler, Senior Digital Strategist, Hanson Dodge

Ethan brings more than 15 years of eCommerce and technology expertise to Hanson Dodge. He engages with Hanson Dodge's clients to define, develop and implement comprehensive digital commerce strategies. He is driven to understand clients’ needs, analyze market opportunities and build solutions that maximize the business impact of a brand’s online presence. Ethan’s experience includes leading a wide variety of large B2C and B2B implementations—both within digital agencies and through his eight years at Gaiam where he served as Director of eCommerce.

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