Natural Product Consumers: From Bullseye Consumers to Brand Champions, Part 1

Natural and organic products, once considered a niche domain for health fanatics and alternative co-ops, have officially crossed the chasm and are now mainstream. With 50 percent of U.S. consumers regularly buying organic foods and natural cleaning products, it’s no wonder why so many established and emerging CPG brands are jockeying for their share of the market.

But as the natural and organic CPG consumer demographic continues to broaden, how can brands ensure they are focusing on the right consumer segment in order to position their brand for future success?

This whitepaper is part one in a series of three research reports focused on identifying the natural and organic CPG consumer and highlighting opportunities for natural product brands. In part one, Hanson Dodge delves into what we’ve identified as the Bullseye Consumer for natural product brands.

Download part one below to receive the first wave of insights about this profitable and growing demographic.


White Paper

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