Nine (More) Components of a Killer Brand Strategy

A few years ago, Hanson Dodge co-founder Ken Hanson authored the infographic “16 components of a killer brand strategy,” which remains one of the most popular pieces of content on our website. Ken retired from HD in 2017. To celebrate and continue his work, we share a few more of the strategies we’re using today to advance our clients’ brands.

1. Belief-Based - Tap into your brand’s authentic beliefs to connect with consumers in a deeper way.

2. One Prime Prospect - Not five. Not three. One! Identify your very best consumer. And tailor the brand experience to suit her needs, beliefs, and values.

3. Brand Defining Idea - Locate the single idea that powers every aspect of your brand: from values to behavior to offerings to campaigns.

Download the infographic below for the other six key components to a killer brand strategy.



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