Influencer Marketing

People tend to be influenced by those they like with similar interests. It’s a natural tendency to follow those that dress and talk like us. In fact, consumers are more willing to trust recommendations from other people - even someone they don't know - over brands.

Our Influencer Marketing Strategy has 5 steps:

  1. Start with powerful consumer insights. The program needs to be based in true consumer interest. Identify the traits of your audience where your brand can align authentically.
  2. Craft a story that has meaning and relevance. The success of an influencer program starts with the right idea and then translating that properly through the voice of an influencer. Building this story is the most strategic, creative and time consuming part of an influencer marketing program.
  3. Pick your influencers wisely. Spend time with each influencer’s content and get to know who they are and how that aligns with the values of your brand. Allow the influencer to guide the parameters of the program including content autonomy.
  4. Determine the right timeframe. Often times an influencer program falls flat because there aren’t enough touchpoints. Building the right partnership generally means a longer-term engagement between the brand and influencer.
  5. Provide context of value. There needs to be longevity and a reason for the consumer to engage beyond one interaction with influencer content. This can be done by extending a coupon, a landing page or a piece of content. Create ways for your consumer to continue to engage with your brand.

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Influencer marketing can be utilized across industries without borders. It allows brands to connect with an audience on a topic — with a level of authority — that may not be inherent to the brand. The influential value of this third-party recommendation has strategic use based on the challenge faced by your brand. So if you’re looking for an influencer marketing agency to help you reach a new consumer segment or make your brand more relevant, talk to us (414-270-8398), we’re here to help.