The design and implementation of revenue-driving e-commerce experiences has been part of Hanson Dodge’s DNA for over 20 years. Shortly after e-commerce first emerged as a revolutionary and transformational way to serve customers, HD delivered Trek’s first e-commerce site. We built upon that success by building one of the industry’s first truly mobile-friendly commerce experiences for Trek.

Since then, our e-commerce-savvy strategists, designers, digital marketers, and developers have built myriad sites across numerous industries for B2C and B2B clients. We’ve also developed and managed integrated digital marketing programs to help clients drive traffic and generate significant, sustained revenue.

We know from experience that the most effective e-commerce websites don’t simply function as “online stores;” they extend and enrich the experiences customers have with brands. We approach e-commerce projects accordingly, applying our expertise to drive direct revenue while also increasing customer satisfaction and brand affinity.

Clients appreciate the deep e-commerce experience HD brings to their initiatives, particularly given that e-commerce projects are often complex endeavors involving significant data, security, and integration considerations.

Hanson Dodge’s e-commerce capabilities include: 

  • Path to purchase design and optimization
  • Data migration
  • Ensuring security and encryption of personal and financial data
  • Requirements analysis and documentation
  • Integration with ERP, CRM, email, marketing automation, payment providers and more
  • Guided selling tools
  • E-commerce strategy that complements brick-and-mortar
  • KPI definition


Want to learn more about how HD’s e-commerce capabilities and how they can make a difference for your brand? Contact Megan Gavin at 414-270-8320 or to start the conversation. Or fill out the form on this page, and we'll reach out to you.