stacie boney

Stacie joined Hanson Dodge in 2016, becoming President in 2018. She is passionate about harnessing the collective talent at Hanson Dodge to drive excellent outcomes for clients.

In her 32 years at BBDO, she led teams to do transformative work for clients Wm Wrigley Jr Co, Sara Lee, Henkel and SC Johnson. Notable successes include launching and scaling enduring brands, like Wrigley's Winterfresh, Eclipse and Orbit, expanding the Henkel/Dial portfolio into adjacent categories, and revitalizing the Ziploc and Raid brands.

At Hanson Dodge, she has increased rigor and discipline and driven full integration of agency services, leading to scaled and enduring client success and partnerships.

Stacie and her husband are parents to 4 grown kids. She is often in the process of renovating something: a house, a garden, her fitness regimen. She is overly fond of aphorisms and Stephen R. Covey.