Hanson Dodge Positions 800-CEO-Read For The Future With Rebranding And A New E-Commerce Website

800-CEO-READ, a national leader in bulk book services, and Hanson Dodge, a deeply digital advertising agency, have positioned the company for the future by rebranding 800-CEO-READ as Porchlight Book Company and designing a new website, www.porchlightbooks.com.

While 800-CEO-READ built its reputation as the leader and expert in business books, the company has evolved its offerings to support a range of categories: from biographies and self-help, to cookbooks and even fiction. 

“Business books will continue to be a focus for us,” explained Rebecca Schwartz, Porchlight owner, president and CEO. “The name Porchlight better reflects the fact that for quite a while we have worked with a broad array of genres beyond solely the business category.” 

Mike Stefaniak, chief strategy officer and partner at Hanson Dodge, said the new name also speaks to Porchlight’s personalized approach to working with customers.

“Our research made clear that the company’s high-touch, human-centered approach is seen as a breath of fresh air in the bulk book industry, which has become increasingly commoditized and transactional,” Stefaniak said. “That truth inspired our teams to arrive at Porchlight as a more fitting and evocative name for 800-CEO-READ.” 

The new Porchlight website extends the company’s brand into the digital space. “We took great care to make sure every element of the user experience feels like the Porchlight brand,” said Ethan Koehler, senior digital strategist at Hanson Dodge. “The result is a website that supports authors, publishers, agents, and other key customer segments in an authentic and welcoming way.”

Built on the powerful Episerver Content Management System (CMS), the site blends brand messaging, insightful editorial content, simplified product pages, and a streamlined B2B and B2C e-commerce experience. 

Schwartz added that the new website is “a testament to the strong partnership forged between Porchlight and Hanson Dodge.”

“Our two organizations became a single, high-functioning team with terrific chemistry. It’s been a delight to work with an agency whose people not only consistently deliver inspired work at every turn, but also share our beliefs and values,” Schwartz said.

About Porchlight
A lit porchlight is an invitation to gather, a signal that you are welcome. The people of Porchlight Book Company offer a similar message—that your book needs, however challenging, are welcome. The services we’ve tailored to meet them are not governed by an algorithm, but by the collective experience and wisdom attained over our 35 years as a bulk book service company—previously as 800-CEO-READ. We are united by books and dedicated to providing high-touch, human support to authors, organizations looking for books in bulk, and the publishing industry.

About Hanson Dodge
Hanson Dodge is a fully-integrated, deeply digital advertising agency whose mission is to help good people and brands make the next great leap. For over 35 years, Hanson Dodge has been inspiring consumers and delivering transformational business results through evergreen branding and industry firsts such as digital product customization tools, omni-channel experiences and social commerce.