Stanley, A Brand Of PMI, Launches New Ad Campaign That Celebrates Hollywood’s Love Of Placing Stanley Bottles In Films & On TV

While countless companies buy their way into the Hollywood spotlight via high-priced, product-placement deals, STANLEY, a brand of PMI, launches its first-ever brand-focused, TV-led advertising campaign today centered on celebrating STANLEY’s supporting role in the background of many of Tinseltown’s big- and small-screen classics.
“We’ve received thousands of amazing stories about STANLEY’s part in people’s lives over the last century,” said Eric Shear, Global Vice President of PMI’s STANLEY brand. “So it makes sense we’re a part of the stories the professionals make. It’s a privilege for us to play even a small role in so many films and television shows.”
The integrated-marketing campaign, dubbed STANLEY Sightings from ad agency Hanson Dodge, challenges consumers to identify 40 (and counting) films and shows where STANLEY products have organically appeared over the past four-plus decades.

In the campaign’s television commercial, named Channel Changer, the ad flips through six fast-paced vignettes that represent iconic films and TV shows in which STANLEY appeared. It concludes with the tagline: STANLEY. Part of the scene since 1913; and a challenge to name them all.

Additionally, 18 social-media videos up the ante with more STANLEY bottle sightings. To help consumers prep for the challenge, all 40 films and shows that currently contain STANLEY appearances are groups on an IMDb watchlist at:
“We had to come up with a creative way to bring this idea to life without the budget to license any of the films or shows in which Stanley appeared,” said Joe Ciccarelli, VP, Creative Director for Hanson Dodge. “Our solution was to let the consumers connect the dots. We gave them a handful of iconic elements from each film or show and challenged them to identify the Stanley Sightings on their own.”
Along with the gamification aspects of the campaign, STANLEY is embarking on a year-long effort to celebrate extras in the film-and-television industry.
“Extras are some of the hardest working people in Hollywood – the unsung heroes,” Shear continued. “They are up for whatever it takes, and that’s what we’re all about.”
The STANLEY Sightings campaign, which also includes movie-poster-sized out-of-home, as well as digital advertising, launches with a unique sponsorship of the Telluride Film Festival.
“It’s another way that STANLEY is honoring hard working people in the background of the industry,” added Shear. “We are partnering with the film festival to thank the hundreds of volunteers who make up their SHOWCorp.”
To view the campaign ads, visit the STANLEY YouTube channel. To see if you can name all 40 STANLEY Sightings, visit
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