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Celebrate Your Obsession

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G.H. Cretors has been creating handcrafted gourmet popcorn since 1885. After five generations of relying on word of mouth and sampling, G.H. Cretors partnered with Hanson Dodge to increase national awareness and accelerate revenue growth. Our challenge was to put a little-known brand on the national map in a growing and crowded snack category.


engaging the tribe

Hanson Dodge’s consumer segmentation work identified three key tribes within G.H. Cretors’ broader target audience and allowed us to uncover powerful insights regarding their snacking preferences. Leveraging these insights to guide creative development and media placement, we launched a campaign based on this simple message: G.H. Cretors is the obsessively delicious snack you can feel good about eating.

The integrated digital campaign delivered targeted, relevant messaging across social media, streaming radio, online video and more. Our social strategy leveraged colorful seasonal content and recipes to drive engagement and generate enthusiasm for the brand. Regional test programs gauged our campaign’s impact at retail grocers in key geographic markets.


The “Celebrate your HD’s “Celebrate your obsession” campaign helped turn a little-known regional product into a fast-growing national brand. Our work made an immediate impact on national awareness, consumer engagement and retail sales. Highlights included:


In store sales in three target markets in the first month of our campaign


Increase in Social Community Size in First Year


Lift in brand favorability


YoY revenue growth

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