Covid vaccination campaign gets personal in Milwaukee

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With COVID-19 vaccinations available to everyone 16+ in Milwaukee County there were still many residents unsure and skeptical of getting the vaccine, leaving the county short of the 80% vaccinated need to reach herd immunity. There were fears, politics and misinformation to navigate. Who could people trust: The government? A celebrity? Doctors and scientists?


Getting a vaccine is a personal choice, so we made it personal by bringing the message home. We created a hyper local campaign using the authentic voices of 13 different Milwaukeeans, all recognized and respected friends and neighbors, encouraging those on the fence to get vaccinated. Each one sharing their personal stories of resilience and why they made the choice to overcome their hesitancy and get vaccinated. They showed their fight, their unity, their courage, their love, and more, inspiring everyone to continue the fight against COVID by lifting up their sleeves, and showing us what they’ve got.


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