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Soaring performance

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In May of 2016, Kewill, a logistics and transportation software company, acquired LeanLogistics to expand its global trade management capabilities. Both players were recognized as leaders in global trade management solutions. The opportunity? Leverage the strengths of each player to create a combined entity capable of taking their customers’ businesses—and the two organizations’ share of the growing global marketplace—to new heights.

After reviewing a number of competing firms, Kewill selected Hanson Dodge to create a new, unified global brand with an integrated portfolio of capabilities and a powerful value proposition.


Soaring Performance

After an accelerated discovery and international research process that included primary research, conversations with industry analysts and more, HD delivered a brand platform and a new name for the combined entity: BluJay Solutions.
HD’s deliverables for the new BluJay Solutions brand launch also included a new logo, brand tagline, marketing materials templates, a website redesign and a brand launch video that introduced BluJay Solutions to the world as a unified, global brand that delivers “Soaring Performance.”

"This is the second time I've had the opportunity to work with Hanson Dodge on rebranding an international software firm," said Patrick Maley, chief marketing officer at BluJay Solutions. "Both times, they demonstrated a remarkable ability to understand our business, gather customer and market insights, and develop a brand and creative platform that builds internal alignment and differentiates us in the marketplace. Hanson Dodge did transformational work for us, and we're already beginning to see direct ROI on our investment."


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