The Challenge

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools are field-proven by U.S. Special Forces, even honored as the Navy SEAL knife of choice. In fact, elite professionals everywhere—military, search and rescue, law enforcement, professional hunters and more—regard SOG as the brand of choice when it comes to meeting their demanding needs.

This badass heritage was the point of differentiation Hanson Dodge Creative needed to attract a larger outdoor enthusiast audience to SOG’s new line of multi-tools.

The Solution

The insight? Everyday outdoorsmen and outdoor enthusiasts respect and identify with the people who do it best: the elite. The people whose jobs, and sometimes their lives, depend on their tools. Their spirit of toughness, their expertise, prowess and demand for the highest standards earn these elite professionals the respect of SOG’s target audience. And by association, respect for the SOG brand.

The message was simple: SOG’s new multi-tools are tested, trusted and field-proven by most badass people on the planet in the most intense situations. So whatever you need a multi-tool to do, SOG’s multi-tool will definitely get the job done.

The “Mission-Grade” campaign juxtaposed the everyday tasks you’d perform with average multi-tools—cutting wire, opening bottles, tightening screws—with scenes depicting the elite professionals performing these same tasks in situations that are anything but everyday.