The Challenge

Born from five employees working in a barn in 1976, Trek quickly created a legacy for itself by building the world’s best bikes, and thirteen years later, the company was an established industry leader. Not willing to stop there, Trek partnered with Hanson Dodge to develop an international branding and marketing strategy to bring new products to market, connect with riders worldwide and leave competitors in the dust.

The Solution

For 25 years, Hanson Dodge teamed up with Trek’s global marketing team to launch a series of groundbreaking projects, including Trek’s first global website (, Trek’s first iPhone optimized experience (Trek Mobile) and the bicycle industry’s first online shopping and customization tool (Trek Project One), as well as numerous campaigns, blogs, catalogs and more to share the world’s best bikes with a global audience.


Trek’s first global website, created by Hanson Dodge, launched in 2007 and included a CMS platform that allowed for local customization and developing an approach for translation and product information.

The Results

Hanson Dodge's 25-year partnership with Trek helped turn the brand into a global market leader and transition its image from manufacturer to believer in the power of bikes.

  • Industry Leader

  • Numerous

    Award-Winning Product Launches
  • 1000% Increase

  • 1200% Increase

    Website Traffic