we don't let bad work happen to good people

At Hanson Dodge, we believe that both courage and kindness have a place in business. We’re a collective of talented people working together and bringing out the best in each other to achieve uncommon success for the good people we’re proud to call our clients. That partnership allows us to be brave and challenge each other to think differently, dig deeper, take bigger chances – and reap bigger rewards. Together, we can make something with the power to change everything. Together, we’ll make the next great leap.

here at HD,
we're likely to...

slap on some
cardboard skis
and race around
the office.

tell you if your
fly is down.

not in front of everyone. jeeze.
show up to work
in the same outfit.
what are the

start an
rock band.

no promises it'll be any good.
make up
our own

petition to
give hot dogs
their own
food group.

smell like
fresh-baked cookies.

but you won't find any
cookie-cutter approaches here.

march (and dance)
to the beat of our
own drum.

look for any excuse
to hang out with
each other.


Stacie Boney

Stacie joined Hanson Dodge in 2016, becoming President in 2018. She is passionate about harnessing the collective talent at Hanson Dodge to drive excellent outcomes for clients.

In her 32 years at BBDO, she led teams to do transformative work for clients Wm Wrigley Jr Co, Sara Lee, Henkel and SC Johnson. Notable successes include launching and scaling enduring brands, like Wrigley's Winterfresh, Eclipse and Orbit, expanding the Henkel/Dial portfolio into adjacent categories, and revitalizing the Ziploc and Raid brands.

At Hanson Dodge, she has increased rigor and discipline and driven full integration of agency services, leading to scaled and enduring client success and partnerships.

Stacie and her husband are parents to 4 grown kids. She is often in the process of renovating something: a house, a garden, her fitness regimen. She is overly fond of aphorisms and Stephen R. Covey.

There’s a pattern here, and it’s this: Mike helps clients solve their most complex challenges via elegant, well-grounded and effective strategies. 

Over his 26-year career, he’s led more than 100 branding engagements for a wide range of BtoB and BtoC organizations, products and services. Clients include KEEN Utility, Creminelli Fine Meats, Medical College of Wisconsin, Stanley PMI, Wolverine Footwear, Children’s Wisconsin, Outdoor Industry Association, VISIT Milwaukee and Brady Corporation. 

In his role, Mike also oversees Hanson Dodge’s Brand Engagement practice: a talented team of strategists and implementers in media, digital marketing, eCommerce, analytics and brand strategy. 

Mike and his wife have two kids in their 20s, and are avid runners and music enthusiasts.

Chris Buhrman
executive creative director

Chris leads HD’s talented creative and production team. His role involves inspiring, provoking, prodding and encouraging them to shine in fresh ways that produce high value for our clients. 

Chris has a long history of harnessing the power of creativity to improve the fortunes of brands. The list includes KEEN Utility, Creminelli, Visit Milwaukee, Stanley PMI, The Medical College of Wisconsin, Children's Wisconsin, Utah Office of Tourism, Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, Corningware, Pyrex, Birdseye, Vise-Grip and Mutual of Omaha. 

Chris also has deep international experience including stints in India with Bozell Worldwide, and Latin America with McCann. Including work for Kohinoor, GM, Citibank, Coca-Cola, General Mills and more. 

Chris is from Nebraska and identifies as a Husker, but in his time at HD, the Packers have managed to become a close second in his heart. He also owns too many bikes and is looking for one more.

David Pollard
vice president, client leadership

David’s role is working to ensure HD does a great job solving clients’ business problems. He leads a team of account folks who are each one part marketer, one part strategist and one part integrator who share this same M.O. 

David brings 18 years of experience leading idea-driven, integrated work across a wealth of categories. At HD he’s helped drive strategy and activation for partners including KEEN Utility, VISIT Milwaukee, Creminelli Fine Meats and Children’s Wisconsin. “BHD” (before HD) David spent over a decade at agencies BBDO and Digitas partnering with Mars Wrigley, SC Johnson, Henkel, UNICEF, P&G and KitchenAid.

In his free time David is partial to Xavier University basketball, Tottenham Hotspur FC, running and record collecting. He and his wife are attempting to successfully raise two little people and so far all is going according to plan.

Ethan Koehler
vice president, digital experience & technology

Ethan has served in a range of technology and marketing leadership roles, always focused on the strategic and outcome-oriented use of technology for brands worldwide. These have included Gaiam, State of Utah, Trek, Jillian Michaels, K-Swiss, Camelbak, and Hal Leonard.  

At Hanson Dodge, Ethan leads an integrated team with a singular passion for designing and implementing high-performing digital experiences that delight users and support the growth and success of our clients.

In his free time Ethan can often be found enjoying the outdoors, roasting coffee, and traveling the world with his wife, son (14), and daughter (11).

Great ideas, flawlessly executed, change everything  —  Great ideas, flawlessly executed, change everything  —  Great ideas, flawlessly executed, change everything  —  

we've got
good values


You won’t find any lone wolves, attention seekers, or egomaniacs here. Stacking our roster with open-minded team players is critical to our success.


Simply put, we’re glass-half-full kinda people. We pride ourselves on being problem-solvers, not problem-dwellers.


If we tell you we’re going to get something done, we’re going to make it happen. And we’re holding you to the same deal. Cool?


In the least creepy way possible, we eat, sleep, and breathe the brands that we work on. Oh, and we help ensure consumers who engage with those brands feel the same way.


Creativity is at the core of everything we do. And we mean everything. You should see what happens when we have a potluck lunch.


We could probably moonlight as private investigators, because our desire to uncover new info and learn something from it is second to none.