Inspiring the Active Consumer: Introducing Oberto to a New Demographic

Oberto Logo Hanson Dodge

In 2011, Seattle-based snack food manufacturer Oberto overhauled its jerky recipe to be all natural. But until Oberto Vice President of Marketing Greg Yahn reached out to Hanson Dodge Creative (HDC) in 2013, the jerky’s packaging didn’t reflect the change in its contents. And more importantly, prior to Oberto’s transformation, consumers didn’t think of jerky as a healthy, active lifestyle snack.

“When we made the decision to go all natural in 2011, we didn’t go far enough. We didn’t give the consumer a reason to really care,” Yahn said.

Oberto tasked HDC with transforming its brand identity by designing a new jerky package that would inspire a previously untapped demographic in the jerky industry—health-conscious consumers seeking high-protein, better-for-you snacks to fuel their active lifestyles.

“Seventy-five percent of people make their decision at the shelf, so why not have something that stands out on the shelf more and talks to these active consumers,” Yahn said.

HDC came up with new packaging and positioning that further solidified Oberto's brand evolution. To retain the tradition and legacy of the nationally-recognized Oberto brand, HDC’s design team repurposed the capital “O” from the classic Oberto logo and made it the focal point of the new jerky packaging.

Before the new packaging successfully launched in 2013, Oberto used quantitative research to test the new design against others. Results confirmed their gut feeling: that the new packaging would resonate with Active Lifestyle Consumers.

“Our mission is to be seen as a better-for-you snack food company. Our package truly is our lighthouse identity,” Yahn said. “Hanson Dodge really helped to define that lighthouse identity, which was the foundation for everything else that has come.”

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