The AHAS: A Healthy Demographic

By , Creative Director, Hanson Dodge

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Now more than ever, consumers care and, as a result, expect more from the brands they support.

Today’s consumers care about eating the right foods, monitoring their health and the health of their families, and keeping the environment—in which they work and play—alive and well. Subsequently, they care more about the brands that help them do all of the above and that share a common belief system.

Introducing the AHAS consumer

At the forefront of this thinking sits a category of consumers known as the AHAS™—Active, Healthy and Sustainable. Hanson Dodge first introduced the AHAS concept in 2013 as a way to bring together three consumer groups with related behaviors that have major implications for brands (AHAS 2013).

Prior to 2013, these consumer categories were traditionally identified, studied and marketed to as autonomous groups, each having its own independent set of values, habits and behaviors. With the introduction of AHAS, Hanson Dodge Creative shifted that focus from working to understand each group as a unique segment to uncovering the inherent links between all three, and investigating the notion that, in many cases it is, indeed, the same consumer.

Common sense suggests that an individual who is more active is more likely to be concerned with his or her health, and vice versa. But digging deeper into the shared thinking among consumers in each group helps us to truly understand how closely the demographics, values, thought processes and spending patterns correlate between them.

A profitable demographic

  • The outdoor recreation industry now generates an estimated $646 billion a year (Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2012).
  • The LOHAS (lifestyle of health and sustainability) category drives an estimated $290 billion in purchases in the U.S. for goods and services focused on health, the environment, social justice, personal development and sustainable living (LOHAS, 2013).
  • Consumers now spend more than $80 billion dollars a year in sales for sporting goods alone (SFIA, 2013 Manufacturers).
  • The digital health and fitness tracking apps industry is predicted to quadruple and surpass $8 billion in the next four years (Bloomberg News, 2014).

Within the next year, Hanson Dodge Creative will further study and publish primary research findings to shed new insights on how brands—hoping to be top-of-mind for these sought after consumers—can connect with AHAS in unique and profitable ways.

This white paper, the first in a series of AHAS-focused, research-based Active Insights planned for this year, offers a detailed overview of this growing segment. To learn more about how to tap into the AHAS and further leverage your brand, contact us.

Joe Ciccarelli, Creative Director, Hanson Dodge

A brand strategist turned creative director, Joe Ciccarelli blends his background in understanding people, culture and trends with an ability to get the most meaningful ideas used in the most creative ways. Otherwise, he’s a writer, storyteller, avid reader (of both treasure and trash), a musician, a learner and a teacher. Holding degrees in Communication and Sociology as well as Master’s degree from Marquette University, Joe also serves as an adjunct professor in the school’s Advertising Department.

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