AHAS Research: A Moment of Unique Insight

By , Creative Director, Hanson Dodge

This white paper is the second in a series of AHAS™-focused, research-based Active Insights. Click here to view installment one.

In the first installment of our AHAS research series, we shared the insights and secondary research that guided our hypothesis about a unique consumer segment known as the AHAS™ (Active, Healthy and Sustainable)—a concept first introduced in 2013.

As previously noted, now more than ever, consumers care—about eating the right foods, monitoring their health and the health of their families and keeping the environment, in which they work and play, alive and well. What’s more, they care about the brands that help them do all of the above and more.

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With this research study, Hanson Dodge Creative shifted focus from working to understand Active, Healthy and Sustainable consumers as unique segments to uncovering the inherent links between all three categories and investigating the notion that, in many cases, it is indeed one consumer who cares about all three.

Ultimately, these insights shed new light on how brands—hoping to be top-of-mind for these sought-after consumers—can connect with AHAS in unique and profitable ways.

To download the second installment of the AHAS insights white paper series, click the button below. 

Joe Ciccarelli, Creative Director, Hanson Dodge

A brand strategist turned creative director, Joe Ciccarelli blends his background in understanding people, culture and trends with an ability to get the most meaningful ideas used in the most creative ways. Otherwise, he’s a writer, storyteller, avid reader (of both treasure and trash), a musician, a learner and a teacher. Holding degrees in Communication and Sociology as well as Master’s degree from Marquette University, Joe also serves as an adjunct professor in the school’s Advertising Department.

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