Inspiring Brand Devotion: Is Your Brand Worth Marrying?

In July we featured an article that outlined the five steps to building Brand Champions — customers who feel a deep enough connection to a brand that they are willing to both pay a premium for that brand and share their affinity via social media, word of mouth and product reviews.

This article explores the defining characteristic of Brand Champions — brand devotion.

Brand devotion isn’t purchased; it’s earned. Most consumers today can tell the difference between inauthentic advertising speak and messaging with a purpose and a promise.

Brand devotion is a common belief, value system or truth between a business and consumer that creates a deep, long-lasting relationship that goes beyond a specific product or offering. It’s an unspoken marriage that uses beliefs and purchases as wedding rings — symbols of a promising, committed future together.

Brand Devotion - I Do

Achieving brand devotion isn’t impossible. It takes patience, reflection and education. The first step starts with crafting a statement that identifies what the true purpose of a company really is. Why does it exist? Why did it get into the game? Why did the founders roll up their sleeves and believe in something greater?

The answer to this evocative question is important because it sets the tone for the rest of the story. It’s the catalyst for creative teams to concept and execute against. Think of it as the compass that designers and writers use on their journey to find the mystic buried treasure of an engaging brand idea. In essence, it’s the creative team’s North Star.

Delivering brand ideas that surprise and delight is one of the most critical elements to inspiring brand devotion. Every interaction with a brand needs to tell a story that relates to this newly discovered truth after it’s found. As marketers, we need to give people a reason to believe and most importantly care about a brand to achieve devotion status.

Three things to keep in mind when crafting a brand story that will inspire devotion.

1. Educate: Demonstrate clear belief, promise, purpose and why.

2. Entertain: Surprise, delight and incite interaction.

3. Disrupt: Stand out from the sea of sameness and force people to have an opinion.

Think of your brand as a person. Does it have the purpose and personality traits to inspire devotion? Will anyone marry it? Or will it be happy living alone, with lots of cats and boxes full of unsold product?

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