AHAS: Insights on a Highly Profitable Demographic, Vol. 5

Now more than ever, consumers care — about eating the right foods, monitoring their health and the health of their families and stewarding the environment. And the brands that are helping them do all of this — and more — are the ones winning the constant battle for consumer mindshare.

AHAS 5 Cover

This white paper is the fifth in a series of AHAS™-focused, research-based Active Insights. In prior installments of the AHAS series, we shared initial insights as well as our defining primary research on the unique consumer segment known as the AHAS™ (consumers who are passionate about being Active, Healthy and Sustainable).

Then we turned our focus to runners, the group of consumers that make up the most popular active pursuit in America. In the third and fourth installments, Today’s Runner & the AHAS Runner and Running Brands & Consumer Preference, we looked at how runners today think, decide, spend and view brands, and how a runner who falls into the AHAS category differs from the rest of the pack.

This study, which consists of data from a 25,000-person panel, shares a broader perspective of the consumer, including key demographic and psychographic variables, spending and online shopping attitudes, brand preferences outside of the active lifestyle space and purchase behaviors.

Chief among the insights in this white paper is the finding that when a consumer cares about all three AHAS factors — Active, Healthy and Sustainable lifestyles — they are far more valuable than those who are care about just one or two.

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