Freshwater Fishermen: Consumer Insights by the Numbers

Freshwater Fishermen

Nearly 30 million adults fished with some regularity over the past 12 months. Since about 80% of those fishermen consider themselves freshwater fishermen, this Active Insights white paper will focus on the largest fishing subsegment in the United States: freshwater fishing. The research report profiles freshwater fishermen and provides insights into their demographics, shopping habits and use of technology, as well as recommendations to help you capitalize on these insights.

Key insights include:

  • Only 10 percent of Light fishermen, a group that makes up 63% of all fishermen, have purchased equipment in the past 12 months.
  • Millennial fishermen spend more on gear and are more likely to support the brands they love via social media.
  • Moderate fishermen (fish 2-3 times per month) own and buy the most equipment, but account for only 19 percent of all fishermen.

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