Top 5 Articles of 2015

Here are Hanson Dodge Creative's top five Active Insights articles of 2015:

1. White Paper: A Business Case for Millennial Engagement

A Business Case for Millennial Engagement

This white paper features in-depth research into the beliefs and motivations of the Millennial consumer and uses K-Swiss' award-winning "The Board" campaign as an example of how brands can effectively connect with this profitable demographic. Uncover Millennial attitudes and behaviors around social media, advertising, online content, fashion, style, e-commerce, mobile and more.

2. Rethinking Social for E-commerce

Social Commerce

Learn about the rapid evolution of social media as a driver for e-commerce sales, including up-and-coming platforms Wanelo and Polyvore, Pinterest's "Buy" button and the power of the visual web. Find out which platforms are poised to deliver maximum e-commerce results.

3. Active, Healthy and Sustainable: Insights on a Highly Profitable Demographic

Active, Healthy and Sustainable

The fifth white paper in our AHAS™ research series explores why AHAS (Active, Healthy and Sustainable) consumers are more valuable than consumers who fall into just one or two of those categories. Insights include key demographic and psychographic variables, spending and online shopping attitudes, brand preferences outside of the active lifestyle space and purchase behaviors.

4. Three Keys to Belief-Based Branding

 3 Keys to Belief-Based Branding

Mike Stefaniak explains why it is now more crucial than ever for brands to define, declare and communicate their belief systems to consumers. Learn the three keys to belief-based branding, see which brands are doing it right and discover why selling product performance alone doesn't cut it.

5. How to Grow E-commerce Through Content

 How to Grow E-commerce Through Content

Learn how to fulfill enormous demand and grow your brand's online business with product-related content. Find out which content topics to focus on, how belief-based brands are winning and what to consider when selecting a technology platform.

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