How Runners Shop: Consumer Insights and Generational Differences

This infographic, which uses data from a 25,000-person consumer panel, breaks down the shopping habits and factors that influence the path to purchase of runners, including psychographics, generational differences, online shopping preferences and mobile and social usage.

Key statistics include:

  • 51 percent of all runners (U.S. adults who run at least once per week) are Millennials
  • More than 55% of all runners will pay more for eco-friendly products
  • 54% of Millennial runners are more willing to buy products that are customizable
  • 78% of Millennial runners search for product information on mobile, compared to just 44% of Gen-X runners and 25% of Boomer runners
  • Millennial runners are the only generation of runners who are more likely than the average consumer to use social platforms for product research and enjoy connecting with brands via social media
  • Gen-X is the most likely generation of runners to buy 2+ pairs of running shoes per year


Following is a sample portion of the infographic. To download the complete infographic, fill out the form below.


Infographic Image

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