Natural Products Consumers and the CPG Path to Purchase

By 2018, e-commerce is expected to account for 5% of total Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sales, with up to half of CPG industry growth coming from online sales. Innovative delivery and subscription-based services like Amazon Dash, Google Express and
 Blue Apron are changing what and how consumers buy online. As consumers continue to evolve and accept new ways to shop online, CPG brands need to adapt in stride.

Looking beyond e-commerce, digital is also changing the way consumers shop in-store. Before going to the store, consumers search online for information and inspiration—and once in the aisles, they turn to mobile. In fact, 82% of smartphone owners say they use their devices to help make in-store purchase decisions. An effective digital strategy is crucial for brands to win the battle for consumer mindshare and capture consumers during critical buying moments.

As new technologies continue to disrupt how we shop, CPG brands are putting a greater emphasis on digital. In 2015, 
the CPG industry spent $5 billion dollars on digital advertising, up 40% from 2013. But a strong digital presence means more than just placing ads online—an omnichannel strategy that leverages engaging content and a robust social media presence can pay dividends for CPG giants and niche brands alike.

Brands with a more targeted audience, like those in the natural products space, are able to develop a more tailored and meaningful digital messaging strategy than CPG giants who speak to the masses. Impactful digital marketing starts with understanding your core consumer, their values and beliefs and how they research, discover and buy products.

After an overview of the rapidly evolving CPG path to purchase, this white paper will provide an in-depth profile of the Natural Products Consumer, including beliefs, motivations, online shopping habits, social media usage and more.

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