Five Strategies for Influencer Marketing

By , Vice President of Brand Engagement, Hanson Dodge

Move over, puppies and kittens. The internet has adopted a new best friend: influencers.

Influencers are key leaders that are admired, trusted and respected from a large group of people. Whether it’s an influencer in the world of makeup or an influencer in the world of climbing, these leaders can inspire, educate and engage with different types of target audiences.

What marketers find so captivating about influencer marketing is that brands are able to pinpoint interests that engage their target audience and do so through the lens of a person their audience already admires and respects. The communities that follow and engage with these influencers are built organically due to the authentic and interesting content that influencers have already produced that people find valuable.

Influencer marketing bridges the gap between brand and consumer by establishing trust through these key leaders. For an example, check out the case study on “The Board” by K-Swiss of an influencer marketing campaign that leveraged a big idea rooted in consumer insights to engage a new audience. Although influencer marketing is a brand’s best friend, winning trust in the eyes of a consumer is still increasingly hard and an influencer marketing campaign can backfire if not executed efficiently.

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Sarah Collins, Vice President of Brand Engagement, Hanson Dodge

Turning content into results, Sarah is responsible for leading the company's social media practice and digital activation projects. Her team engages audiences across a variety of communication channels, focusing on digital campaign strategy, content and analytics. Sarah began her career in music marketing and then honed her interests to online PR, SEO and digital marketing. Sarah has been immersed in the digital landscape since social media put its first mark on the map and she is an authority speaker on the topic of content. Through a variety of agency positions, Sarah’s experience encompasses brand activation, content strategy, SEO, online PR, social media strategy and relationship management.

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