Driving Online Sales Through Branded Content Presentation

Driving Online Sales Through Branded Content

On April 5, 2017, Tom Flierl, VP of marketing and business strategy at Hanson Dodge partnered with Kentico to deliver a presentation on the importance of integrating content and commerce within a brand's web experience. This presentation, Driving Online Sales Through Branded Content, provides the critical steps you can take to build a stronger e-commerce business through strategically-driven content that captures demand and increases revenue.

Consumers are feverishly looking for content about your products and services. They are Googling for "how to" information and searching for consumer experiences that will help them make a better purchase. Are you there to answer their call during these critical moments? Is your digital platform optimized to capture these consumers?

Download a PDF of the presentation by filling out the form in the left sidebar or below to discover how to best optimize your digital platform. 


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