Five Content Marketing Truths

By , Vice President of Brand Engagement, Hanson Dodge

Content marketing gives an audience reasons to keep coming back. Brands that develop long-term relationships with their customers reap the benefits. Whether that is increased purchase frequency, larger basket sizes or contagiously positive word of mouth, the brands that “get it” are rewarded.
Developing a content marketing strategy is the first step in the process. Once a brand has documented their strategy, understands their channels and has determined a set frequency they are ready to begin content marketing execution. This is the part where steadfastness, agility and trust come into play. A brand can't expect to publish one piece of content and see immediate results. The content marketing process takes time, learning and ongoing optimization.
With this in mind, brands have to be comfortable getting uncomfortable. This is where brands need to move from “crawl to walk to run.”

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Sarah Collins, Vice President of Brand Engagement, Hanson Dodge

Turning content into results, Sarah is responsible for leading the company's social media practice and digital activation projects. Her team engages audiences across a variety of communication channels, focusing on digital campaign strategy, content and analytics. Sarah began her career in music marketing and then honed her interests to online PR, SEO and digital marketing. Sarah has been immersed in the digital landscape since social media put its first mark on the map and she is an authority speaker on the topic of content. Through a variety of agency positions, Sarah’s experience encompasses brand activation, content strategy, SEO, online PR, social media strategy and relationship management.

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