Why Content Marketing Should Be The Foundation of All Brands

By , Vice President of Brand Engagement, Hanson Dodge

Content marketing. Words that sound clear and distinct, but when one explores the meaning and how it works, a different sound begins to form. In recent years, the term content marketing has been a buzzword on the climb, but unlike a lot of other buzzwords, this one is here to stay.
Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that provides valuable and relevant content that helps retain and attract targeted customers and audiences. According to Content Marketing Institute and Curata, 90 percent of B2C and 66 percent of B2B organizations utilize content marketing and 76 percent are increasing their spend, with estimates of these numbers only increasing.
So how does one begin building their content marketing plan?
An easy way to think about building a content marketing plan is like building a house. The content house schematic provides direction, foundation and support to all things content in building from the ground up, literally. 
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Sarah Collins, Vice President of Brand Engagement, Hanson Dodge

Turning content into results, Sarah is responsible for leading the company's social media practice and digital activation projects. Her team engages audiences across a variety of communication channels, focusing on digital campaign strategy, content and analytics. Sarah began her career in music marketing and then honed her interests to online PR, SEO and digital marketing. Sarah has been immersed in the digital landscape since social media put its first mark on the map and she is an authority speaker on the topic of content. Through a variety of agency positions, Sarah’s experience encompasses brand activation, content strategy, SEO, online PR, social media strategy and relationship management.

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