Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show 2018: HD Presentation

Mike Stefaniak, Chief Strategy Officer at Hanson Dodge, spoke at Outdoor Retailer on Thursday, January 25th. Mike's presentation was titled "Weekend Warriors and Wannabees: The Changing Face (and Needs) of Today's Outdoor Consumer."  Active Insights caught up with Mike to get the details.

Why this particular title for your presentation?

Are you encouraging outdoor brands and retailers to shift their focus away from passionate outdoor consumers?

Not at all. It’s more about acknowledging that the marketplace has changed dramatically, and that continued growth may hinge on the ability to win over a broader set of consumers.

The market forces at play are clear. Brick and mortar doors continue to close as consumers shift more of their shopping and purchases online. Amazon is the primary sales channel for more and more outdoor brands. And then you have generalist brands and mass retailers gunning harder than ever for the outdoor consumer—for all the reasons that make outdoor consumers so desirable.

For their part, brands and retailers need to keep delighting the elite and hardcore outdoorists who’ve historically been their core customers. But they also need to look at ways to bring less devout practitioners into the fold.

It’s a new game out there. And that calls for new moves.

Say more about your approach to segmenting consumers.

Obviously, outdoor consumers vary by activity, participation frequency, annual spend, and other factors. For simplification purposes, we’re stratifying outdoor consumers based on an approach we’ve used to model consumers in industries like cycling and running.

We’ve distilled the outdoor consumer population into three tiers: Hardcore/Elites, Weekend Warriors and Wannabees/Dabblers. Consumers fit in one tier or another based on factors like the ones named above.

Interested in learning more about the consumer research? Contact us for more details!


Mike Stefaniak, Chief Strategy Officer, Hanson Dodge

Mike leads Hanson Dodge's efforts to deliver transformational branding, marketing and digital strategies for clients. He brings 24 years in strategy and implementation to the agency, including 20 years in functional leadership and executive roles. Over the course of his career, Mike has led more than 85 branding or rebranding engagements for a wide range of organizations.

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