HD’s User Experience (UX) design capabilities and approach have been key factors in our long track record of designing and launching transformative websites.

A successful site accounts for a dizzying array of considerations: Content, brand experience, audience expectations, tools and features, revenue conversion, and the need to advance organizational goals—all while setting the course for a compelling visual design. This requires talent, experience, and collaboration. HD’s UX team offers all three.

We uncover and leverage authentic insights about user motivations, needs, and online behaviors to create experiences that engage, satisfy and ultimately convert our clients’ business-critical users.

Our UX team has driven high-performing and award-winning website experiences for a growing number of websites across multiple industries. We’ve designed complex corporate websites, B2C and B2B ecommerce sites, and innovative campaign microsites.

User Testing

While best practices and prior experience go a long way toward anticipating users’ onsite behavior, users inevitably behave in unexpected ways when they interact with a website. We employ user testing to ensure our proposed user experience is aligned with user expectations, and to gather additional insights that inspire further refinements.

We advise clients to test early and often. This keeps users at the center of the experience and helps prevent expensive re-work.

Depending on the client’s needs, our team can manage everything from test design to recruiting to analysis and recommendations, keeping clients informed every step of the way. We can also perform testing collaboratively in the event a client has in-house resources capable of handling  portions of the user testing process.

Our user testing capabilities include:

  • Testing strategy and configuration
  • Live (in-person) user testing
  • Online user testing
  • Information Architecture (IA) testing
  • User recruitment
  • Analysis and recommendations based on test results

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