Every website or app that has users also has a user experience (UX). User experience is the cumulative result of countless hours of effort invested in strategy, planning, design, content development, marketing and technical implementation. But is it an effective user experience?

Hanson Dodge has been designing and building websites—and transformative user experiences—for more than 20 years. When we design an experience, we put the user at the center of our process. By satisfying the user, we help brands provide a seamless experience that minimizes potential issues and maximizes customer affinity, satisfaction, and conversion.

Our blend of brand insights, user experience research, digital marketing experience, and technical expertise—along with the inspired work of our creative teams—enables us to deliver online experiences that not only meet users’ practical needs, but create deeper connection between users and brands.

Our evolved and integrated approach to UX design makes a difference for our clients where it matters most: in increased revenue and greater brand strength.

Hanson Dodge’s UX Design Process
While our process is flexible and details vary by client and engagement, we approach UX design via a consistent overall approach:

We begin each project by learning everything we can about our client, their business, and—critically—their end users. An HD user experience consultant determines which exercises and deliverables are needed to inform an effective and transformative UX design. We draw on proven practices to gather actionable audience insights. These practices include surveys, focus groups, user interviews, social listening, journey mapping, site audits, and analytics reviews to learn more about the target users and business needs.

As we move through a project, our user experience designers create sitemaps, wireframes, clickable prototypes, and other assets to visualize and refine layouts, navigation, page content, and more, taking into consideration UX design principles and best practices.

We don’t treat UX as an isolated phase in a project. Nor do we approach UX as the exclusive domain of our user experience designers. Instead, we use UX as the glue that holds projects together: a thread that connects digital and brand strategy, content, design and technical considerations. Our project teams reflect this by integrating a wide set of disciplines to ensure we deliver the best user experience possible for our clients and their audiences.

Why Hanson Dodge for UX Design
For as long as the world wide web’s been a thing, Hanson Dodge has been designing and building websites. We started in 1995, when the internet was a curiosity to most. We quickly became a force for website design and development—and built a reputation for building elegant, user-friendly sites that connect brands to their customers in new, more powerful ways.

Since then, we’ve designed user experiences for clients of all types and sizes: from UX design for massive (and massively complex) systems like Thule’s global site, to the landmark Burton Series 13 snowboard customization site, to more recent work for brands like K-Swiss and Quantum Sails.

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