Hanson Dodge’s User Testing Capabilities

To meet your business goals, you need to satisfy your users. The happiest users are the ones most likely to complete a purchase, engage with your brand, subscribe to content, or otherwise convert. Without a friendly, usable experience, your users may become frustrated and leave your site. Making interaction as easy as possible is therefore critical to meeting your goals.

How do you ensure that your new website is user-centered and satisfies their needs? Hanson Dodge can help. We employ a variety of user testing (or UI testing) methods to help you make informed decisions based on actual user behavior. Our low-cost, iterative approach maximizes the value of every dollar spent on testing, gives you the tools you need to implement a successful website, and prevents expensive design and development re-work.

Why we do user testing

If you plan to buy an expensive item of clothing, you usually try it on first. If you want to buy a car, you should take it for a test drive. Even if you’re reasonably confident that users will understand and engage with a new website experience, it still makes sense to have them try it out before launch.

User testing is a normal -- and important -- part of creating new or updated online experiences. Even a modest testing budget allows testers to identify usability issues before more time and money are sunk into an ineffective solution. Usability testing is an investment in the success of your project.

Our Process

Hanson Dodge employs a variety of testing methods to gain insights into user needs, including:

  • Card sorts
  • Tree tests
  • First-click testing
  • Usability testing

Usability testing -- giving users realistic sample tasks to complete on a site or prototype -- is the most common and often the most helpful of these tests. However, we draw upon all these options and more as needed to address the unique needs of each project.  We test likely conversion points to ensure users are able to complete these critical tasks. The results tell us about the strengths and weaknesses of the experience. This data can drive additional design decisions, or it might give us a green light to launch.

Our website usability testing process is highly flexible, and can easily be adapted to any organization and audience. We may perform tests in-person or online, at a scheduled time, or asynchronously, on the user’s own time. Testing scope depends on your project’s goals, available resources, and information needs. Generally, we’ve found that we can produce the best results by testing on an iterative basis: more than once with revisions incorporated in each subsequent set of tests.

Why Hanson Dodge for User Testing

Since we care about keeping budgets in check and delivering more to our clients for less, we strive to perform efficient, targeted tests that deliver clear insights. We believe that website user testing is a critical part of every project, and that testing early and often is the best way to keep users at the center of the experience.

We work with each client to identify the best possible testing plan according to the needs of their projects. We prefer to begin testing early in the design process to prevent expensive re-work, and we’re careful to connect testing tasks to business goals. Depending on your needs, we’re prepared to handle everything from test design to recruiting to analysis and recommendations, keeping you informed every step of the way. If you prefer, we may also perform testing collaboratively, helping you to administer tests or take on other parts of the process.

Our testing plans are designed to maximize the return on your investment. We’ll work with you to create a plan to test your website that works for you, your users, and your budget.

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