Creminelli Fine Meats

Becoming a Go-To Snack Brand for Foodies

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Creminelli Fine Meats had big growth aspirations and great products. They came to HD for help adding another critical ingredient: a sharply defined brand story to build awareness and move a discerning consumer to select Creminelli as their go-to snack brand.


we've got a snack for people like you

Creminelli’s millennial foodie audience is a highly discerning group who pride themselves on being “in-the-know.” With the “People Like You” campaign we introduced a big idea that spoke to these aficionados with a knowing wink, demonstrating that Creminelli understands them better than most. And they have the perfect snack for them, too. The campaign found our foodies where they spend their time: airports, grocery stores, major downtown areas and online with targeted, timely and relevant messaging across digital channels.


Awareness of Creminelli increased a significant 29% among people who saw the "People Like You" campaign, helping to drive a substantial 32% increase in YoY revenue from 2020 to 2021. Brand loyalty is also growing with 85% of Millennial Foodies reporting they would recommend purchasing the product to others.

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