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KEEN Utility is a relatively new challenger in the work boot category competing with large, established brands such as Timberland and Red Wing. We partnered with KEEN Utility to create a differentiating story to position the brand for success, and outsmart the competition via media and activation—all on the path to driving both e-commerce and brick and mortar revenue.


KEEN Utility fits you better

In a category where brands have historically valued workers for what they do on the job site, we were inspired by the insight that today’s trade workers define themselves by more than what they do for a living. This led to the brand platform “Fits You Better: The Whole You,” an idea that positioned KEEN Utility as the one brand in the category that truly understands their audience as individuals.

This strategy has informed 4+ years of marketing activation across website design, influencers, partnerships including the X-Games, and ongoing targeted digital campaigns designed to reach the right consumer segment with the right product and move them to press the "buy" button.


Since 2017 KEEN Utility has become the fastest growing brand in the category. Most recently, 2019 direct to consumer revenue exceeded the business's annual goal by 28%.

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On-site event activation and geo-targeted social to extend brand reach and engage new consumers.

driving digital marketing

HD develops and executes annual plans to support a steady stream of always on digital marketing initiatives targeted to various audience segments with products to meet the unique needs of their jobs.

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