The Challenge

KEEN Utility approached Hanson Dodge looking for brand strategy and positioning guidance. They had a compelling story, but they needed to build trust and credibility in a space dominated by brands that have been around for decades in order to push KEEN Utility into the mainstream of work footwear.

The Solution

Hanson Dodge set out to define and understand the KEEN Utility consumer in order to build a brand strategy that positions them in a unique space in the category, and gets to the core of what unites the brand and it’s consumers. After extensive research and interviews, Hanson Dodge found that work is not the only thing that defines the KEEN Utility consumer and that KEEN Utility footwear is valued by them both on and off the job.

From there, the “Work Monumental. Live Monumental.” campaign was born, which focuses on brand ambassadors who live by the mantra, “what I do for a living, isn’t the only living I do.” The work consisted of brand work, brand activation and an integral campaign that included a new website, product and lifestyle photography and brand ambassador videos that told the stories of real KEEN Utility consumers.

With Hanson Dodge’s guidance, KEEN Utility was positioned as a brand that can speak with authority and that provides footwear for people who work hard at work, but who also live for times outside of work.

KEEN Utility Wesbite

The new KEEN Utility website was designed to provide a streamlined mobile and desktop experience. It features intuitive marketing touch-points such as new product photography and ambassador videos that drive e-commerce.

Product and Lifestyle Photography