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Hanson Dodge Creative

Mash together a bunch of talented strategists, writers, designers, developers, inventors, thinkers, dreamers, digital marketers and analysts — let them unleash the full power of their collective mind to create, invent and do what it takes to inspire audiences and transform business — and you’ve got Hanson Dodge Creative.
Welcome. Have a look around.

Diplo and 'The Board': Bringing K-Swiss back to prominence

‘The Board,’ a game-changing microsite and social campaign designed to bring the iconic K-Swiss brand back to prominence, launched last week to a global audience. K-Swiss tapped Hanson Dodge Creative to create the online experience for The Board and amplify it via social media.

Sitecore Gold Partner

Sitecore has named Hanson Dodge Creative a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner. Gold Partners deliver on Sitecore's complete vision for customer experience management. They can provide complex digital marketing solutions and educate customers on the evolving digital landscape.

Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner Logo
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