Meet the Reign Deer

December 05, 2016

From the land of beer, brats and bikes comes a festive crew that’s looking for a bar fight.

For this year’s agency holiday card, Hanson Dodge created a limited run trading card set that offers a unique take on Santa's reindeer. The collector's packs, made up of nine special edition cards, are outfitted with the usual fair, a vintage card wrap and a special surprise inside: one of two temporary tattoos of the Reign Deer, officially inducting you as a member of the biker gang.

On the trading cards you will find key stats, including the gang's bar-fight-win-percentage (BFW), weapon of choice, favorite drink and even stitches-over-lifetime. From Blitz’s 612 tattoos to Cupid’s favorite drink (and weapon) being scalding hot chocolate, these aren’t the reindeer you sang about as a kid. Let’s just say the days of laughing at Rudolph and calling him names are over.

Hanson Dodge is happy, and mildly concerned, to introduce Santa’s favorite group of misfits, the Reign Deer Biker Gang. Here’s to gathering your own gang around the tree this year.

Happy Holidays!

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