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  • Better believe it: Three keys to belief-based branding

    Posted 5/22/2015

    In a world of product parity, digital connectivity and endless information, power has shifted from companies to the consumer. Mike Stefaniak, VP of brand engagement and partner at Hanson Dodge Creative, explains why it is now more crucial than ever for brands to define, declare and communicate their belief systems to consumers. Learn the three keys to belief-based branding, see which brands are doing it right and discover why product performance alone doesn't cut it.

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  • Marketing segmentation: Turning web visitors into customers

    Posted 4/20/2015

    Marketing segmentation allows you to get the right message in front of the right users at the right time. Learn the keys to segmenting your web visitors, guiding them through your e-commerce funnel and turning them into repeat customers.

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  • White Paper: Running Brands, Sustainability & Consumer Preference

    Posted 4/20/2015

    View the latest in a series of research reports conducted by Hanson Dodge Creative and ACTIVE Network. Discover in-depth insights into the purchasing behavior of runners, and learn how differences in runners' ages, running styles and values play a role in the brands they choose.

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  • Seminar: E-Commerce Success with Sitecore

    Posted 3/27/2015

    What can you do as a Sitecore customer to drive e-commerce success? Join Hanson Dodge Creative, Active Commerce and Sitecore at the Harley-Davidson Museum® on May 21, 2015 at 1:30 p.m. for a seminar on e-commerce success with Sitecore.

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  • Diplo and ‘The Board’: Bringing K-Swiss back to prominence

    Posted 3/24/2015

    ‘The Board,’ a game-changing microsite and social campaign designed to bring the iconic K-Swiss brand back to prominence, launched last week to a global audience. K-Swiss tapped Hanson Dodge Creative to create the online experience for The Board and amplify it via social media.

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  • Digital commerce Q&A: The future of shopping

    Posted 3/18/2015

    As a follow-up to his seminar at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market and the SIA Snow Show, Tom Flierl answers a series of questions about digital commerce and the future of shopping. What can brands and retailers do to capture the active lifestyle consumer? Should you sell on Amazon?

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  • Marketing automation: Driving revenue with triggered emails

    Posted 3/17/2015

    Triggered emails have open rates nearly 60% higher than non-triggered messages and click-through rates nearly 130% higher. From pre-sale triggers to date-based triggers, learn how to counter shopping cart abandonment, build customer loyalty and grow your e-commerce revenue.

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  • Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day: Mass marketing a niche brand

    Posted 3/16/2015

    Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day came to HDC as a growing brand facing the opportunities and challenges of expansion. HDC’s multi-level, integrated marketing campaign helped Mrs. Meyer’s become the No. 3 and fastest-growing brand in the category. Watch the case study video.

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  • Bulldog Social Media Award

    Award-Winning Inspiration

    Posted 2/25/2015

    Hanson Dodge Creative and Standard Process win Silver Bulldog Award for Best Social Network Messaging Strategy.

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  • Rethinking social for e-commerce

    Posted 2/16/2015

    Ponara Eng analyzes the rapid evolution of social media as a driver for e-commerce sales, including up-and-coming platforms Wanelo and Polyvore, Pinterest's "Buy" button and the power of the visual web. Learn which platforms are poised to deliver maximum e-commerce results.

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