Paid social media campaigns

Social media has matured from its initial “community” phase to become an essential part of leading brands’ paid media strategies. Social media advertising offers ample opportunities to target consumers with pinpoint accuracy. Perhaps most important, well-executed paid social media marketing campaigns drive measurable increases in brand awareness and revenue.

At Hanson Dodge, we recognize that paid social is inherently fluid. Continuous exploration of emerging ad technologies is a must. To maximize Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), we deliver media plans with the flexibility to pivot as consumer behavior changes—as core platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat offer new, interactive ad units.

HD works with leading brands to leverage the power of proven paid social tactics. Our team has a history of delivering extraordinary results for clients in CPG, active/outdoor, apparel, consumer hard goods and more.

Hanson Dodge’s Paid Social Campaign Process

While our process is flexible and details vary by client and engagement, we approach paid social campaigns via a consistent overall approach:


The paid social planning process begins with research, analysis and ideation. During the planning phase we develop goals, content strategies, media budgets and tactical execution via ad types across all social media channels. This phase establishes a foundation that serves as the basis for subsequent work, and evolves through ongoing planning and optimization.


The plan starts to come to life in the Create phase. We finalize ideas, develop assets, and create content for each channel. The client is heavily involved (this is the fun part). Clients provide content and creative feedback so that each social ad aligns with the brand’s story, aesthetic and voice.


During the optimization phase, we test and evolve constantly to achieve the greatest ROAS. Paid social testing optimizes against audiences, content, lifespan, spend, and frequency.


HD’s paid social reporting quantifies what’s working and what isn’t, and uncovers new opportunities to drive further improvements in performance. Then the cycle restarts for the next period.


Why Hanson Dodge for Paid Social Campaigns?

Hanson Dodge offers clients a seasoned social media team with a history of driving paid social performance that exceeds market standards. Team members have developed and executed winning paid social media marketing campaigns for clients representing a variety of industries including food and beverage, nutrition, apparel, footwear and more. We have extensive knowledge and experience with social advertising platforms including Facebook advertising, Instagram and Twitter. Results include:

  • A 45-day paid social campaign for a footwear brand that drove 126,000 consumer engagements and 26 million brand impressions 
  • A campaign using paid social and enhanced content that improved a CPG brand’s community engagement from 33% to 97% in three months
  • A paid social campaign for an apparel retailer that drove $6 million in directly attributable revenue

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