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Strategic media planning begins and ends at the intersection of art and science, and we’ve got every type of “ist” here to turn your campaigns into results-drivers. Our strategists, analysts, social media-ists, and email-ists (you get it) work together to build smart strategies for digital and traditional channels. That means collaborating with the right media partners, turning the right dials, pulling the right levers, and crunching the right numbers to change the trajectory of your business.

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G.H. Cretors

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Campaign Planning & Activation
A smart, well-executed creative idea can only transform a brand when it’s seen. We turn campaigns into revenue-crushers by putting them in front of the right people at the right time.
Media Strategy, Planning & Buying
Consumer insights and market research drive our media strategy, and we find the perfect media mix to drive impact and results. Our media experts negotiate to make sure you’re getting the best value with your marketing budget.
Content Strategy & Production
Captivating content is the name of the game. From building the content strategy and editorial calendars to creating and executing the work, we promote your unique brand message from conception to production.
Paid & Organic Social
We’ll develop a custom social media playbook that will build a cohesive presence across social platforms. Then, we execute -- from optimizing tried and true platforms to breaking into the newest apps and technology to reach the right people at the right time.
Shopper Marketing
This is about bringing awareness to products on retail shelves. We integrate and activate channels, from digital down to tactical in-store signage, shelf-talkers, and cart ads to drive sales.
Influencer Marketing
We match our clients with content creators who have engaged followers to create meaningful partnerships that build brand trust, reputation, and authenticity.

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Lead Gen Email Marketing
Your email campaign is only as good as the quality of your contacts. We’ll help you build your subscriber list with qualified leads who can become lifetime fans and advocates of your brand.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
It’s critical to be present where people are actively searching for your product/service. We’ll implement a keyword strategy that spans across the customer journey to get high-intent prospects to your website.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
We take learnings from valuable keywords and design a web content strategy that drives traffic right to your front door. We don’t chase trends or look for shortcuts. Whether it’s helping you write engaging content or making your website load lightning-fast, we believe that improving user experience should be at the heart of any SEO strategy.

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Custom Reporting Dashboards
Our dashboards are built custom to tell the story of your business through strategically defined KPIs. They’re powered by our data warehouse so your data comes through clean, fast, and organized.
Good marketing analytics is a lot more than regurgitating basic figures you find in Google Analytics or your ad platform of choice. We identify, define, and build the infrastructure to track true KPIs so we can stay laser-focused on the stuff that matters.
Relentless Optimization
Media plans are never “set it and forget it.” Your campaign will run efficiently and effectively from launch to finish, providing you with insights along the way.