KEEN Utility

Launching a Category-Changing Innovation in the Work Boot Space

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Is your 2021 marketing plan designed to pivot?


KEEN Utility had built a better mousetrap. The Portland featuring KEEN.BELLOWS FLEX technology combined the flexibility of a sneaker with the durability of a work boot. A winning and truly innovative combination designed to make the work day easier. The challenge was identifying a compelling way to help KEEN Utility’s consumer understand the benefits of this entirely new technology and how it is relevant to them.


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How do you introduce an innovation that hasn't been seen before? Simplicity was a guiding principle when launching The Portland work boot with KEEN.BELLOWS FLEX technology. The creative idea introduces The Portland for what it is, the first work boot “built to bend.” This driving thought positions KEEN Utility as first to market while simultaneously articulating the core product benefit in a way that is simple and direct. We then worked closely with our partners at KEEN Utility to identify and dramatize common use cases to maximize relevancy and help consumers see how the product might fit into their day in a meaningful way.


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