Sprig by Kohler

Introducing the world to the wellness of Sprig by Kohler

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With its new wellness brand Sprig, Kohler is reimagining and elevating daily shower and bathing routines as spa-like wellbeing rituals. They needed a marketing partner that would introduce the new Sprig brand to the U.S. market and create distinctiveness that both increases awareness and drives sales.


HD developed, planned, trafficked and implemented the media portion of the launch campaign and evaluates the campaign’s effectiveness. HD has also produced an online and connected TV video spot that focuses on the new shower infusion device and how it helps transform the standard routine of showers into wellness rituals. The strategic approaches:

  • Brand introduction - Introduce and demonstrate Sprig as an easily accessible luxury utilizing a rolling launch of media channels
  • Full funnel personalization - Evolve the messaging and channel selection as consumers become more familiar with the concept of Sprig, transitioning from awareness to consideration
  • Data-backed targeting - Utilize robust data sets and advanced targeting strategies to target consumers where the message will resonate the most
  • Reinforce familiarity - Amplify brand messaging through unique channels that build trust and draw consumers towards conversion

Placements have so far been live through OLV and CTV, full-funnel programmatic, paid search, paid social, sponsored articles with Popsugar and The Cut, and a sponsored podcast with The Cut.


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156 Million+ impressions in the first three months of the campaign

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