The Challenge

Hanson Dodge took a bit of a gamble on Nick Symmonds, the 800-meter U.S. Olympian from Eugene, Oregon, with a reputation as a leader in the fight for athletes’ sponsorship rights. Recognizing and sharing his mission to promote the active lifestyle, Hanson Dodge won Symmonds’ eBay auction for ad space on his arm during the 2012 Summer Olympics and chose to display its Twitter hashtag (@hansondodge) via temporary tattoo. The catch was that Olympic athletes are not allowed to display sponsors during any race.

The Solution

The solution: put a piece of tape over it. Hanson Dodge's brand, PR, and social media strategists developed a yearlong program that found unique ways to tell the story of a branding agency dedicated to making the world more active and a world-class athlete dedicated to branding. To leverage the "media buy," Hanson Dodge worked to develop the story and the Nick Symmonds brand with a fully responsive website, an exclusive online video series and shareable digital content.

Earned Media and Infographics

The Results

The tattoo, the tape and the stories generated buzz for Symmonds and Hanson Dodge in more than 100 major news outlets, including The New York Times, Inc Magazine, Ad Week, MSNBC, Sports Illustrated and ESPN. In that time, website traffic for both Symmonds and Hanson Dodge quadrupled, and social media engagement and new followers skyrocketed.

  • 100+

    Major News Outlets Carried the Story
  • 25,000+

    New Twitter Followers for Symmonds
  • 400% Increase

    Web Traffic for HDC and Symmonds