The Challenge

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, an independent health care system dedicated to bringing children the best care possible, partnered with Hanson Dodge in an effort to expand and build its brand. Already known as a national leader in pediatric care, Children’s sought to increase its market share by positioning itself as the No. 1 choice for children’s overall health and wellness — with the objective goal of increasing volume for non-acute care.

The Solution

Combining existing Children’s research with Hanson Dodge's brand development process, a new brand platform and award-winning “Kids deserve the best” campaign was created. In order to include primary care messaging onto Children’s national reputation for acute services, Hanson Dodge featured families who depend on Children’s Hospital for all types of care, from serious to routine. Strategically integrated across owned, earned and paid channels, “Kids deserve the best” spanned three Wisconsin markets on TV, radio, outdoor, print and through web content and an online video series.

Kids deserve the best.

The Results

After the campaign’s launch in April 2013, Children’s experienced increases in primary care patient volume and awareness for non-acute care. It was a record year for development, and constituents were both delighted and aligned. The “Kids deserve the best” campaign won a 2014 Healthcare Advertising Award in the Total Advertising with TV category. “The exceptional thing about Hanson Dodge is that it’s in their DNA to build the strategy component out first, so that great design and great creative can follow," Rob Sanders, Chief Administration Officer of Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, said.

  • 2014

    Healthcare Advertising Award