The Challenge

MPC is a Wisconsin-based, Tier 1 supplier of plastic parts and components to leading automotive OEMs like Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan and Honda. The company initially approached Hanson Dodge about a new website that would help MPC win new programs from leading OEMs and attract prospective employees to fill white and blue collar positions in MPC locations across North America.

During Hanson Dodge's initial discussions with MPC leadership, it became clear that although the company's website was indeed in dire need of an upgrade, a new site wasn't the right place to start. MPC leaders recognized that the first step should instead be to develop a brand story that would differentiate MPC in the minds of prospective customers and employees.

The Solution

Through an in-depth brand discovery with MPC—including dozens of interviews with MPC stakeholders, customers and employees—Hanson Dodge drilled down to the core of why MPC exists. MPC is about much more than just making plastic parts and systems for OEM customers—it exists to change the game for the better.

This idea drove MPC’s brand positioning and led to a creative platform centered on the idea of "Delivering a difference." Hanson Dodge developed a sleek, "automotive art" style to reflect the passion and tenacity that has made MPC a leading-edge automotive supplier, culminating in a game-changing design for a new MPC website.

Under the Hood

The new MPC website reflects the brand's new creative platform centered on the idea of "Delivering a difference." It features an "automotive art" style and utilizes Umbraco CMS.

The Results

For the first time, MPC has a digital "front door" that reflects its status as a premium player in the automotive industry. Its digital presence speaks not only to the company's proven history, but also its commitment to be on the leading edge of the automotive industry.

The Umbraco CMS affords MPC the opportunity to update the website with ease, vastly improving the efficiency of both marketing and human resources stakeholders.