The Challenge

Oberto, a Seattle-based manufacturer with a national reputation in the jerky snacks industry, wanted to change perceptions and reposition its brand to tap into a new demographic — health-conscious consumers seeking better-for-you snacks to fuel their active lifestyles.

Oberto took the first steps in its transformation in 2011 when it overhauled its jerky recipe to be all natural. But although the package contents had changed, the package itself looked the same. Looking for an agency with expertise in marketing to active lifestyle consumers, Oberto sought out Hanson Dodge.

The Solution

Hanson Dodge researched both the target audience and the competition and came up with new packaging and positioning that further solidified Oberto's brand evolution.

The complete Oberto jerky product line now has a new look geared to the active lifestyle consumer. The transformation of the Oberto brand was extremely well received at its 2013 launch, resulting in ongoing publicity for Oberto.